Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends That You Shouldn’t Ignore In 2019

As we move toward the end of 2018, we see a dramatic shift in the digital marketing landscape that marketers are frequently adopting. The marketing strategies that included SEO, social media, PPC, content marketing is now drastically shifting towards artificial intelligence or visual searches.

Being an entrepreneur, you must know the evolution in the current high-tech, inter-connected era that businesses need to adapt to succeed in their efforts for marketing for what worked for you this year might not work in the upcoming year of 2019.

Let’s discuss the seven key digital marketing trends to follow in 2019.

  • Artificial Intelligence

It is most popular among humans is that artificial intelligence is taking over the world or at least over the simplest form of jobs that were prior done by people.

AI offers what humans cannot. Analyzing consumer behavior and search pattern, utilizing data from social media platforms and blogs f0r businesses to understand how the clients and user find their products and services.

One of the most implemented and popular forms of AI are the chatbots which we will later talk about. With the help of these replicating humanistic intercommunication, consumers can find solutions negating their location or the device they are using. AI being previously only the part of science fiction movies is here, and it is launching a whole new world of golden opportunities for business people and their respective industries.

  • Programmatic Advertising

Marketers are using programmatic language and artificial intelligence to automate the ad buying process to target more specific audience and customers. Real-time bidding or auctions, for instance, is a type of programmatic ad buying.

It is not a secret that automating the work process and advertisements are making it much more efficient and fast. This means higher conversion rates and lower customer acquisition costs. An example of it can be the professional logo design company offering logo making apps or entrepreneurs to make professional logos at a lower cost.

Programmatic advertising is changing the face of the advertising industry, and according to marketers, almost 90 percent of digital display ads in the United States will be programmatic by 2020.

  • Video Marketing

Video marketing is growing faster than all the other types of marketing strategies. It is a fact that visuals make a more memorable impact on the audience and has a better outreach than just simple content. Furthermore, it gets more return on your investment then all the other digital marketing strategies combined.

Ever since video marketing made its way into inbound marketing, it is not showing any signs of slowing down. Business owners need to highly consider video marketing as their digital marketing strategy for 2019 to attract more internet consumer traffic.

Many social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are using live stories which attract more viewership than the pre-recorded videos.

  • Chatbots

Being a part of artificial intelligence, it is likely to stay in demand for digital marketing in 2019.

According to a research, about 57 percent customers prefer to live chat to get their queries answered. The chatbots use instant messaging to chat in real-time, with the customers, no matter day or night; chatbots have made it easy to chat and answer queries in the minimal time possible.

The chatbots are responsive, accurate to recall your chat and buyer history and patient with the clients. The virtual assistants offer outstanding customer service, meets the clients’ expectations and automate repetitive tasks-which means you can put your focus on more crucial work tasks.

  • Voice Search

Voice searches are increasing at a shocking rate. Voce searches have taken over a good percentage of all the total searches across the world. Thanks to the AI assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, google assistant and Bixby, who help the users with various inquiries?

As a business owner, there are no avoiding voice searches when it comes to SEO, and with the local search implications considered, it is difficult to stand up and catch the waves. As it is nearly the end of 2018, it is not too late to adapt to this technology for the initiation of your adaption process.

  • Marketing Automation

At the very basic, marketing automation is all about squeezing a greater fruit out of your labor. There are limited working hours in a day; thus you need a solution that can eliminate the repetitive tasks and you could put more focus on the creative side of your work. The most significant benefit of automation is perhaps the ability to target potential clients across multiple marketing channels.

As artificial intelligence is integrating into businesses, many organizations are benefiting from marketing automation, and the aforementioned AI is transforming their potentials and capabilities. It is smart to prepare to take advantage of machine learning before predictive lead scoring becomes the standard for marketing.

  • Authenticity

Authenticity is a powerful way of making strong waves in the competition. It is something that sets you apart and afloat in the ocean of businesses. There are many SEO banding tactics to stay on the top, but authenticity is sometimes overlooked.

According to leading research, about 86 percent audience indicates that authenticity is what drives their decision to support a brand or product. The masses look for loyalty, honesty, and transparency before becoming a loyal customer so you need to be prepared to keep it real and consistent

Will Your Business Be Able To Survive?

The digital world is more about being responsive, authentic, and using analytical methods to embrace new media, platforms, and better opportunities it has to offer. The primary goal stays constant for the business owners and is still a challenge to choose the best digital marketing strategy to promote their business. The future if digital marketing is bright in the years to come. It is easy to reach out to people through digital marketing, but its complexity cannot be underestimated. It is benefitting to get lost in the clouds of swirling technologies, but the ones who keep their fingers on the pulse are most likely to stay ahead in the race.

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