Valentine’s Day, Sweets or Flowers? Women Prefer To Take Men by the Throat

According to the most famous social networks, women prefer to take men by the throat! In fact, if you type #sanvalentino on Instagram the result is 650,626 posts, of which among the 9 most relevant, 4 are recipes of sweets! Not to mention Pinterest, another successful social network, in which the publications are practically just images of cakes, biscuits, and desserts that is just mouthwatering. In short, if we compare the most popular gifts, sweets and flowers, the latter come out defeated ten to zero! What a disappointment. So let us appeal to you men! Give the emotion of a flower; at least it does not make you fat!

And to think that the Italian melodic song has consecrated the rose as a symbol of love par excellence. At the Sanremo Festival in 1951, Nilla Pizzi sang “Grazie di for”, ranking first: Massimo Ranieri, in 1968, reads: “Red roses for you, I bought it tonight and your heart knows it, what I want from you”. In the Sanremo Festival 1967, the singer Orietta Berti presents the song “I, you and the roses.” Claudio Villa at the Sanremo Festival of 1956, in the song entitled “Open the windows” opens with the words: The first red rose is already the violets and the timid breasts are faded, that this year the edition of the Sanremo Festival will give us some pieces of love dedicated to roses? We are waiting for it, hopefully, they will not let us down!

In the collective imagination, Valentine’s Day means flowers delivery for a girlfriend or in a simple word traditional love between men and women. But on the web, there is no shortage of provocations! In a viral spot on YouTube with more than 150 thousand views, there is nothing traditional. The protagonist boy, tormented by a distant love, does not wait for a woman, but a man, moreover a military man of the armed forces. Controversy instead for the usual spot of the historic confectionery company that celebrates the lovers with the poetry of Jacques Prevert and the classic emotional music, we read on the portal “the time has come for a little tweaking” hoping it will be a starting point for advertising of the company in Perugia and beyond.

We last year in the article “for a fairytale Valentine” we talked about the rose under the glass bell, a gift full of symbolism that for us represents the fragility of love, a precious gift to keep with care.

Ivy,a symbol of eternal love, it never wants to separate itself from what it embraces! So we thought of an ivy seedling climbing on a heart-shaped shape, that fact! Arrived alive and very green from the nursery, we proceeded with some wire to shape the heart and then we braided the branches carefully. Each poem will be accompanied by the poem we have been inspired by … there is nothing left to do but dedicate it to your beloved or beloved, a special gift that will remain and grow together with your love.

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