Things You should know about US Laws of Cyber Security

Cyber security has been of huge concern for around a decade that has been dominating the private and government sector in the similar manner. The development in the sector of e-commerce and Information Technology in the United States has resulted in the increase in the cyber crimes. This has also resulted in great loss to the people of the United States along with the government of the country.

Breaches in data have gained a great deal of attention because of the implications of digitization on healthcare, financial aspects, small; and medium scales enterprises and different other industries. Although the breaches in the data occurred much time before digitization undertook the world under its domination, but the popularity of different platforms of digitization presented a new dimension to all the breaches as volume, importance, along with the expenses of data breaches have shoot up to significant extent.

It was in the year 2016 that had the largest breach in the data security in the history of United States as revealed by Yahoo which is one of the global online platforms. It was found that hackers stole the information and data of the user which were related to around 500 million data accounts in the year 2014. There was another hack in the year 2016 wherein the company announced heavy impact on over 1 billion records of the users.

 The regulations and laws in cyber security of US

The data privacy system of the United States can be regarded to be the oldest among all the data privacy systems of the world. It is the most effective and robust in the entire world. The privacy system of the United States depends more in the enforcement of post hoc government and private litigation. At present, the regulations related to cyber security consist of directives from the legislation of the States’ Congress and the Executive Branch which protects the computer systems and information technology.

The objective of the regulations of cyber security is to enforce the organizations and companies for protecting the information and systems from any kind of cyber attacks like Trojan horses, viruses, denial of services, phishing attacks, and control attacks to the systems and stealing of confidential information or intellectual property.

Recent changes in the federal laws

The United States of America has initiated varying changes in order to strengthen the laws related to cyber security. The federal government of the country is devising and introducing many new laws regarding the cyber security along with amending the previous ones for having a better ecosystem of cyber security. Some of them are:

Cyber security information sharing act

The objective of this law is to enhance the cyber security in the US by improving the information sharing regarding the threats to the cyber security and for different purposes. This law facilitates the sharing of the traffic information over the Internet between the manufacturing and technology companies and the governments of the United States.

Federal exchange data breach notification act of the year 2015

This bill needs an exchange of health insurance for notifying every individuals whose personal information is called to have accessed or acquired due to the outcome of a breaching the security of any kind of systems that is maintained by any organization . However ¸the time duration for the event should not be later than around 60 days after the breach is discovered.

 Cyber security enhancement act

This has been facilitating voluntary, ongoing and public-private partnerships for improving the cyber security and enhancing the development and research of the aspects associated with it. The government of United States has become stricter regarding the public awareness and education provision regarding the matter.

 State laws

It is in the year of 2018 that the government of United States has initiated sincere measures for improving the cyber security by enhancing the public visibility of business organizations with ineffective security. These kind of stricter regulations have developed an incentive for business organizations for proactively investing into the development of better cyber security frameworks. These are devised for avoiding potential economic loss along with significant loss of brand reputation. This has been taken into serious considerations by the US government as the financial sector of the country is greatly affected by the cyber security threats.

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