How to Make Your Web Design SEO Friendly?

Bringing professionalism to your website shall not only ensure that you receive ample traffic along with an increase in the customer base. However, for increased traffic, you require your website to be optimized with SEO. SEO is a technique that helps improve the visibility of your website regarding search engine ranking.

Correct use of SEO can drive the required traffic towards your website. When you think about SEO, you think that it’s just about the content on the website. However, SEO integration can have varied applications which are not just limited to the content. Here are some of the ways to make your website design SEO friendly.

1-Integration of Social Media

Search engine always values the social media, and so does your customer. Incorporating the elements of social media into your website’s design will surely help it with better rankings. When planning your website design with the help of SEO agency in India, it is necessary that you should include the social media based icons for popular sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. This will do two things for your website. It makes it rank higher amidst the search engines while showing your prospective customers that the company you display is personable.

2-SEO for the images

Most people opt for optimization of the keywords present in the text of the website. However, it is similarly important for you to optimize the pictures you use with SEO to help with your website’s ranking. Make sure the size of the image is ideal and not extremely large. The ideal size for website images should range between 30kb -100kb. Having too large a picture can make your website load slow. This is why you should keep it to the optimum size by seeking help from SEO agency in India to know the right way to put up images.

3-Use user-friendly URL

Your website should have a URL that is user-friendly to ensure that it ranks properly as it should. Incorporating the essence of your product or brand name in the URL can help with proper ranking. Make sure you take suggestions from your local SEO Company India

to pick the perfect URL for any of your product or service. Apart from this, make sure you opt for proper segregation of categories and keep it to a minimum. Refrain from chumming it up altogether.

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