How Education Play Top Role While During the War of Conflict

The violence derived from armed conflicts generates, in the societies that suffer them. UK essay help, suggests series of negative consequences in the short and long term. Among them, the destruction of the means, infrastructures and services of peace such as Schools is most notable. However, its once of the most critical tool, which can play top role while during the war of conflict.

  • Education generates humanitarian response

Education in emergency is not a type of education, it is an action that is part of humanitarian work, which, in recent years, has included education as one of its main pillars of action and as a humanitarian response of a character priority.

  • Education reinforce early reconstruction

Education in emergency develops during the course of the emergency, chronic crises and reinforcements of early reconstruction.

Expert Essay forums found that it locates, in the first place, the protection of life and the guarantee of survival, through the prevention of risks in natural catastrophes, accidents by mines and terrestrial ammunition and possible transmission of HIV / AIDS.

  • Education Develop Skills

It generates the development of skills among the community for the management of the crisis, the construction of physical and community structures, and educates in hope for a better future as a way to remedy and overcome the crisis, especially among children and adolescents.

  • Education and Conflict resolution

It also develops skills for conflict resolution and peace building, aspects that are related to education for peace. In emergency situations, States have an obligation to guarantee the right to education. However, in most cases, the assistance of several actors, such as international organizations, NGOs, international, national and local institutions, cooperation agencies and other actors that act in favour of the right to education in different ways is urgently required. .

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